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Foshan Etishow Clothing Co., Ltd. (Etishow China Operation Center), Fujian Dongxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Etishow China Production Center) are wholly-owned by Singapore Etishow Private Holding Co., Ltd. in the Chinese mainland market Subsidiary. Relying on a strong Singapore parent company background, science and technology, and professional R&D team, it is a health care technology enterprise integrating product development, production, sales and service. It is committed to being an advocate of wearable health in the global market, China. Struggle for the health of the nation for life!

After entering the Chinese mainland market for just a few years, it has received widespread attention from Chinese users. The wearable health care of Singapore Etishow brought by Etishow has become a hot topic. Through persistent publicity and promotion, a brand slogan of "Enjoy a Healthy Life" reverberates through China.

"Healthy China 2030" is China's action plan to promote the construction of a healthy China in the next 15 years. The health-care functional textile industry that Yi Tixiu is engaged in will also become an important field for the development of the future health industry. Yi Tixiu seizes the industry opportunity to help health-care functional textiles. Industrial development, relying on Singapore’s 24 years of advanced textile technology, has created and expanded the health-care functional textile industry.

The health-care functional textile industry is already booming. Singapore's innovative, enterprising and international layout strategy has brought unlimited development space for China's health-care functional textile industry in the future.


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